Project Portfolio


A visual tool for modeling data as a network that supports a rich set of network wrangling operations.


Hanpuku is a tool for bridging d3.js and Illustrator. You can edit a d3.js visualization with Illustrator, and/or edit an Illustrator document with d3.js.


A visualization system for profiling HPC performance and behavior, specifically for the HPX and Phylanx projects.

Data Wrangling Survey

How do people think about their data? Spatially? As a table? As a network? What happens if you introduce a different abstraction? (interactive survey results)


A minimal, d3-based Model-View framework for building larger linked view systems.

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder is a system I built during an internship at IBM for extracting subsets of large graphs.

Resonant Lab

Resonant Lab is a system I built during an internship at Kitware to help make various DARPA XDATA projects easier to use.

HCW HOSTED Housing Map

A small project for HCW HOSTED to help case workers find housing for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SCI Ping Pong Tournament Interface

An interactive bracket for an in-house ping pong tournament at the SCI Institute.


An interactive map that was displayed on a touch table for the 2016 SCI Institute Technical Exchange (SCI X).


A simple, few-frills interface for creating minimal SVG calendars.


No list like this would be complete without a silly little game. Mine is a (very work in progress) attempt to make a procedural clone of Escape Velocity.