If you need informal (free) expert advice about anything on this page, I try to attend Arizona Research Bazaar events as often as I can—come grab a Hacky Hour beer, and let's chat!

If you need help strategizing about data (especially if you're trying to figure out how to interpret existing data sources as a graph), check out the offerings at Stardog, or feel free to contact me directly.

What I do

I design and build:

... but each of the above is easier imagined than done. Doing this kind of work almost always also involves:

Business roles I can fill

Designing for data is hard—I've published several papers about why it's hard! To do it properly, it's really important for me to (1) interact directly with people in your organization that wear very different hats, and (2) pivot frequently between wearing many of these hats myself.

This list is a summary of my experience in various roles.

Specific skills

Have a specific technology that you need me to work with? Here's an overview of what I've dealt with in the past, and what I'd like an excuse to learn more about.

Is something missing? Want to know more about what I mean by my star ratings? Please contact me!

(Salty opinion): these lists are never exhaustive, nor do they indicate what a candidate can learn—this interface could use a redesign, but I don't (yet) really know all that much about what it's like to hire somebody like me. For now, Control (or Command) + F is your friend if you're looking for something specific.